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Review The Lawson Boys by Angela Verdenius 4.5 Stars

Title: The Lawson Boys: Marty
Author: Angela Verdenius
Release Date: November 14th, 2012
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 152
Publisher: Angela Verdenius
Series: The Lawson Boys #2
ISBN 13: B00A72WJ3W 
Reviewer: Lexxie

Rating: 4.5

Heat Level: 1


Crashing her cheating boyfriend’s wedding in a fit of rage was not voluptuous Belle Broune’s best plan. Now she’s been branded by the gossips as ‘The Other Woman’. Oh, the shame of it!

Wedding guest Marty Lawson finds it all very funny, but when family connections result in him trying to comfort her in his usual jovial way, the sparks start to fly between them. Can he convince this luscious woman that he’s serious and not just simply amusing himself?


Angela Verdenius’ THE LAWSON BOYS: MARTY was a delicious tale. Verdenius just has a sense of humor that I really appreciate, making me love both the heroine and the hero. The story was hot, fun, and a good read. I did find some typos though, but I plan to read the first book in the series because THE LAWSON BOYS: MARTY definitely hit a sweet spot with me. And Belle Broune is officially one of my new favorite heroines! Seriously, the interactions between Marty and Belle are great.

Bell takes no prisoners and knows her worth, even if she is a little insecure because she is labeled 'a big girl'. When she storms into the church to tell all of the wedding guests that the groom was her boyfriend, I was laughing along with Marty! Marty is the kind of romantic hero a lot of readers dream of! He is handsome, rich, and honorable plus he has a wicked sense of humor himself. Between Belle's suspicions towards all young males and Marty's gallant behavior, I had trouble choosing my favorite main character. Of course, there was some trouble between the two protagonists--Belle just couldn't make herself believe in a man or in herself again so soon after what her last boyfriend had put her through.

The chemistry between Marty and Belle was awesome. I always like a story where the heroine is not one with the typical beauty that is often depicted in romance novels. One of the things that made me enjoy this was also the fact that Belle was actually staying in town with Marty's parents, even though they only met after the wedding fiasco. It added intrigue and left me wanting to read more about The Lawson Boys! Another thing that got me smiling was the Australian dictionary at the beginning of the story – making it possible for Verdenius to use the vernacular throughout the whole narrative.

This is definitely a book I recommend to others who like contemporary romance with an unlikely couple finding each other, exploring their feelings, and having some pretty hot sex.

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