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Review for Lord Midnight by Donna Cummings

Winner of RR's Top Pick Award

Reviewed by Lexxie

"A quick sweet read with a strong heroine"...


Marisa is a young lady, very caring and generous, but her father really doesn't like her defiant character. Therefore, he blackmails her into marrying an earl who is twice her age, even if Marisa doesn't like Edmund at all!

On the way to Edmund's home before the betrothal ball, the carriage in which Marisa and her brother Bernard are traveling in is stopped by a very handsome and intriguing highwayman and his band of rogues.


Donna Cummings does it again! LORD MIDNIGHT is an enticing tale of young Marisa who is a very strong-headed young woman and her discovery that love does indeed exist--albeit not in the place one could have expected. Lord Midnight is the name Marisa gives the highwayman when he declines to share his real name with her on his nightly visits to her bedroom. Their passion is building quickly, but he decides to do the right thing and not spoil her until she is married…Cummings masterfully shares the details of the slow seduction between Marisa and Lord Midnight, all the while showing readers why it is important that Marisa continue to try to escape Edmund. When Marisa is close to a panic because the time for the wedding is approaching, Lord Midnight comes up with a brilliant idea to save her.

From the beginning of the story, Marissa is planning her escape from Edmund--a man who really makes her afraid on many levels. On her first morning at Edmund's estate, she goes for a ride and meets the emblematic highwayman near the woods. It is clear from the start that the chemistry between these two has everything that is lacking between Edmund and Marisa! The readers also realize that there is a history between Edmund and the highwayman. However, the highwayman keeps his secrets away from her while seducing her behind Edmund's back.

Filled with humor and romance, LORD MIDNIGHT is a quick and sweet read, and I appreciated reading about a strong woman even when everything that happened could have left Marisa without the courage to continue her quest for freedom. There were some small things that made me not give it the full five stars. One of them being the frequent repetitions of the word 'leastwise'. I would also have liked to learn a little more about Bernard, as he was a very interesting side character. All in all it is a quite enjoyable story, and I think other historical romance fans would agree with me. I love the way the story unfolds, and it was great to feel like I actually got to know Marisa.

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Title: Lord Midnight
Author: Donna Cummings
Release Date: December 22nd, 2011
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: 169
Publisher: Self-Published
Series: N/A
ASIN: B006PG53U0
Reviewer: Lexxie

Rating: 4.5

Heat Level: 1

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