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Hidden Treasures the source of Great Moolah in Times of Crisis


If you’ve been following this blog hop then you’re already familiar with what it’s about.
If not, here is a quick run-down.


We're a group of mostly romance authors that are worried about general fox-hole morale when the shit hits the fan. So you've got your bug-out bags packed, your medicine stocked up, your 2 weeks of food stuff hidden in the air-space behind the dry wall in your home (just in case the government shows up to confiscate your horde of food), you've stored away some candles and extra batteries, and you're ready to go. Well, what about Mom's sanity? What about those almost twenty year old daughters hooked on romance novels? What about...How are you planning to while away the boredom in your little safe place? We've got you covered. Win some romance novels and tick off your preparedness checklist with us as we countdown to THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT.

Each author will be giving away a paperback copy of her book, a book about her Bug-In subject, or one of her favorite reads. So, stick around to enter to win each day. The blog event is a true blog hop in the sense that it begins with one blog post and moves on each day to another participating author's blog. Each day the hostess will post the link to the next day's blog post and contest. All you do is start today, here, and pop over to the next blog tomorrow.

The Journey Begins…

The Winter Solstice is almost here...

Are you ready to survive and thrive?

I’m so happy to be part of this interesting project.  

At first I had no idea how I was going to approach this. And then I remembered the first time I faced the end of the world. So if you’ll allow me I’d like to share that with you now…

I grew up during the Cuban Missile Crisis. This was not derived from a myth or any astronomer past or present. For thirteen days in October, 1962 it was the closet time the world ever came to a nuclear war. I was 6 years old. This was the real deal. We’d see something on the television or hear something on the radio. You couldn’t go to a movie to try to get away. They had new reels on there too. But it was the newspapers that were the worst I think. You could turn off the T.V and radio. But each morning when you stepped outside you door to get that newspaper it was the headline. And the tension grew. 

In school they showed us a film called Duck and Cover to teach us how to survive a nuclear attack. But during that time we also had the pleasure of going though the actual drills every day.

Never knowing when the sirens would be set off; and never knowing if it was a “practice” drill or if this time was the real thing. 

Each day held fear. And still today when I hear those sirens I cringe.  

Neighbors were building underground bomb shelters in their backyards and storing dried food, gas masks, guns, ammunition, fuel…and as much gold and silver they could get their hands on was buried in those shelter too.  

The usual definition of the functions of money is that money is a medium of exchange, a measure of value, a standard of deferred payment and a store of value. ~ Sir Norman Angell

The mission I was given: Coins/Jewelry As Cash On Hand.

*Do you know where there is Gold and Silver in your house?

The Obvious:

1.    The silverware setting that’s been handed down for generations. You’ll need to know how to test that silver to make sure grandma gave you the good stuff. 

2.    Those cans and jars of coins everyone has. You never know what’s hiding in there. And if you have coin collections based on dates. Make sure to take a better look. They may have another form of value— such as the amount of silver older coins contain.

3.    Jewelry (remember if your jewelry doesn’t have a karat stamp that probably means it carries no value at all). 

 Not So Obvious:

4.    That expensive gold watch you bought hubby for Christmas as a gift you may now begin to view it as a way to pay bills and put food on the table. But beware! Watches no matter how much you paid, has no scrap metal value in it because most watches are made of stainless steel and are GOLD PLATED. If that expensive watch happens to be a real Rolex that is a whole new ball game.  A real Rolex is never gold - or silver-plated. Inspect the case of the watch. Cases for Rolexes are never made of transparent plastic. The Rolex President Model watch case, for example, is always constructed from either 18-karat white or yellow gold or platinum. Another option, as far as watches go, is a good vintage watch. So if you are a collector, kudos to you!

5.    There is gold and precious metals in cells phones. Why do you think you see all those commercials so willing to take those old cell phones off your hands all the time?

6.    Did you know there is gold in your laptop?

7.    Gold in your desk top computer.

8.    CD Drive Unit.

9.    Be creative, search the internet. While you still have time…

So just remember old coins, jewelry, along with all those hidden treasures you never thought to look, could make for great moolah in a time of crisis!!

*Check out the videos below  

They will help with how to find those hidden treasures, as well as how to measure their value. 

So take notes.  


I’m giving away a favorite paperback of mine, Pride Mates, to one lucky winner. Book 1 in Jennifer Ashley’s, Shifters Unbound Series, it fits the theme of survival rather well. And having lick-O-lious alpha males to boot doesn’t hurt either. 

It’s centered on a group of shifters that are collared and controlled, outcasts from humanity.  They are forced to live in shifter towns. And aren’t allowed the luxuries humans have. They survive by using their own resources and some very clever craftiness. 

What do you have to do to win?

Just answer this question… If the world was going to end tomorrow, what would you do today? 

Please leave your answer/comment here to this blog post with your Do or Die reply by midnight tomorrow, CST.  The winner will be announced the following day. 

And don't forget to "HOP" over for tomorrows post with Skhye Moncrief at As we continue on with BUG-IN WITH ROMANCE BLOG EVENT!

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Skhye Moncrief said...


Barbara Mazzuca said...

Who knew, right? Skhye your a doll thanks for stopping by.

Sky said...

Great post, Barbara! I always think about the things of value that are NOT money like Gold, Silver and the untalked about Copper. Don't enter me in the contest in that I'm a friend but... What would I do if the world was going to end tomorrow? Pretty selfish actually. I'd spend the day with my family at home. No traveling. We'd play games and talk and cook. We'd eat outselves silly and I'd tell them I loved them at least a hundred times. And yes, I'd hug my son nonstop. After all, it's the best feeling on Earth! ;-)

Sky said...

'ourselves' TYPO! Sorry. :-)

Barbara Mazzuca said...

Sky I have to say if I knew the end of the world was tomorrow I'd agree. There isn't anything I could think of that I'd rather do then be at home with family. Thanks for stopping by. Hugs!