Wednesday, October 24, 2012

4.5 Stars for Private Paradise by Jami Alden

An Absolute Delight! Says Reviewer Monica
Winner of Risqué Reviews Top Pick Award!


Sam has always been infatuated with his best friend’s cousin, Carla. He tried to stay away but when the two worked at the same casino in Las Vegas, they begun a relationship. At the end of the summer, Carla offered to give up her scholarship and stay with him. Sam didn’t want her to give up her future and with a few cruel words, he ended their relationship.

Ten years later, her cousin hires Sam as the Director of Security at Holley Cay. Carla is deeply
upset but is forced to accept his position or risk being fired. The two manage to work together and also realize they’re still attracted to each other. When a hurricane hits, an emergency evacuation is called for. Unfortunately, Carla falls overboard from the evacuation ship and Sam jumps in after her. They swim back to the island and find a villa to wait the storm out. And rediscover burning passion and tender feelings…


Jami Alden’s Private Paradise was an absolute delight to read. It’s a tender, angst-filled, and sensual read about selflessness and second chances. One thing I enjoyed about this story is that both characters eventually moved on.

Sam’s father hammered the belief that he was unintelligent and worthless into him since he was a little boy. He even goes so far as to say that no one could ever love him. Sam was ashamed then confused Carla’s concern for him as pity, affirming his father’s opinions. In an effort to do something kind and prevent her from sacrificing her dreams for him, he told Carla she meant nothing to him. She was deeply hurt but learned to move on. They didn’t quite forget each other nor did they continuously dwell in the past. Sam and Carla acknowledged that the past was over, though a slight bitterness still lingers. I expected that, though.

Furthermore, I enjoyed reading about Sam’s transformation from a rebellious, bad boy who thought he was worthless to a responsible and understanding man who could admit his love. I absolutely loved that scene. It was very heartbreaking.

Title: Private Paradise
Author: Jami Alden
Release Date: October 4, 2011
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 118
Publisher: Smashwoods
Series: Holley Cay, Book 2
Format: ebook
Posted: August 23, 2012 (Originally Posted on Risqué Review Website)
Reviewer: Monica
Rating: 4.5
Heat Level: 1


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