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4.5 Stars for Seductive Sands by Kim Faulks

Faulks does it again--seduces the reader!        
Says Reviewer Barb

Winner of Risqué Reviews Top Pick Award!

Summery/Blurb: (From Book)

Have you ever felt that instant connection with someone and you knew you have loved them before? Natalie’s Sommers’ has.

Many times.

Over many centuries…

And many lifetimes…

Desperate to find the answers to questions that haunt her, she travels to the shifting sands of the Arabian Desert with her immortal lover.

But the truth that awaits them beside a sparkling desert oasis is both seductive and deadly. Natalie will need to overcome not only a creature older than time itself, but also the reflection of her past fighting to live again, within her…

Seductive Sands is the second installment in Kim Faulks’ exciting and sensual Fire and Ice Series.


Seductive Sands Book 2 in the Fire & Ice series by Kim Faulks begins where Reclamed, the first book in this series, ends, with Natalie and Malik headed to Arabia—going back to the place where everything started in the hope of finding some of the answers Natalie seeks. But what Natalie finds literally overpowers her as she struggles with her desire for both of her immortal lovers, Alexander the Vampire and Malik the Djinn, one of Fire the other of Ice. In love with both, yet she’s still not yet sure she can totally trust either.

In Seductive Sands Faulks introduces a new character, Marrah, another ancient creature, older and more powerful even then Malik, but her origin is unknown. However, she may be a new character in Seductive Sands but like Alexander and Malik she once shared a part in Natalie first life, as a past lover. And she will let nothing stop her from possessing Natalie’s body and soul once more. As much as Natalie is captivated by this ancient creature and the answers she may hold, she’s also afraid if she lets Marrah get to close, she may not be strong enough to stop Marrah from carrying out her plan of possession.

Adding yet another piece to this never-ending puzzle Natalie finds herself, through each installment of the Fire & Ice series, thrown into newer and bigger challenges. And as this journey nearly breaks her, she decides it’s time to head home. But alas that is not what fate has in store for our heroine. So, the queries still dodge Natalie in her quest to find the answers to what happened in her first life as Kasha—what started all of this—as do the true motives that drive Marlik and Alexander in their quest to win Natalie’s love.

You will not be able to resist as each book takes you deeper into their intertwining lives past present and, well we have yet to see what is in store for them as far as a future. And as Natalie’s
uncontrollable hunger keeps growing for these two men, that same hunger will grow stronger inside of you. I guarantee it. Or maybe warn is a better word…

Kim Faulks has done it again! Her gift of seducing the reader deeper into the world of these three characters grows stronger with each book. Her secondary characters add depth and her subplots blend so smoothly that you never see what’s coming next until it strikes. And thus brings us to the third episode of her journey in Enslaved book 3 in Kim Faulks Fire & Ice Series. Hang on…A little birdie told me this one is going to be tough one. Can’t wait!!

Title: Seductive Sands (Book II)
Author: Kim Faulks
Release Date: September 13th 2011
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 80
Publisher: Self-Published
Series: Fire & Ice
Format: Kindle

Posted: August 4th 2012 (Date initially published on Risqué Reviews Website)
Reviewer: Barb
Rating: 4.5
Heat Level: II 

*This series in reading order

Seductive Sands (Book 2)
Enslaved (Book 3)
(Book 4) and Book 5 (Unnamed) will be released sometime
this year.

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