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Interview with Sky Purington

Before we begin Sky wished me to express how much she loves her fans and to let them know how much she appreciates them.

And she is also excited about her latest release in the Calum's Curse Trilogy series, The Tudor Revival (Book III).  

So to celebrate both, Sky has generously offered to one lucky commenter an Ecopy of TDR! :-)

*Please Note: In order for us to be able to contact the winner you must  Join This Site with Google Friend Connect.  Or you must leave an email address along with your comment. This giveaway will end  on Wednesay  July 11th.  Good Luck!!  

Writing has been in Sky Purington’s blood since she was seven-years-old. She was the first second graderin the state of New Hampshire to win The Young Author's Award. But at such a young age, she didn’t realize the significance for years. She tried her hand at poetry but it failed to give her the satisfaction she expected. She wondered why. Then it stuck her! Her poetry wasn’t hitting the mark because her true calling is storytelling. The short tales from a poem just weren’t enough to satisfy. She journeyed back to her work at the tender age of seven and has never looked back.

Some fun facts:

Sky is a diehard New Englander and has a split personality. Wait. What? Yep, there is her day persona and then her night persona.

Day Tripper: Sunglasses never too far away she begins the day with a few grumble and groans. But really, who out there doesn’t? She is a wife, a mother, a daughter and a friend. Her astrological sign is Taurus, which would explain why she loves being a homebody, loves taking care of everyone and making sure anyone connected to her via DNA is happy. She admits cooking isn’t her forte but look out when it comes to baking! Especially around the holidays!

Night Tripper: The writer comes out to play. At odds with her day persona she becomes a creature of the night. (I wonder when she sleeps. I think that will have to be one of my questions). She has always preferred the moon over the sun and feels the night holds far more mysteries and secrets. She even prefers nighttime weather, like the raging sounds of a midnight storm any day of the week.

Hi, Sky! Welcome and thanks so much for agreeing to this interview!

So what do you say, shall we began?

Heck, yeah! Thanks for having me, Barbara.

Q. So when do you get time to sleep?

Sleep? What’s that? Kidding. I’ve learned to live off five hours a night. *winks*

Q. How do you cope emotionally with reviewers who seemed to have missed the point of your story completely? Be honest.

I whine to my friends! C’mon, who doesn’t? *chuckles* After that, I get a grip and buckle up. Bad reviews are part of the process. Cope or get out. If a writer lets reviewers eat them alive then shame on them. If you’re published, you’re a talent. Simple. (Okay, a good back-up plan includes a hot fudge brownie sundae! Cookie dough ice cream of course. Extra chocolate jimmies.)

Q. How do you know you’ve produced the desired or intended result, sexually when writing a hot scene?

Um… I get turned on when I write it. OMG, did I just say that? But seriously, it’s the truth. When I write my sensual scenes, I write what’s in my character’s heads, how they’re feeling and responding to everything that’s going on around them. I even share the ultimate ‘Wheee!’ *Sky grows serious* It all conveys well. Any good love scene should.

Q. How sexual do your novels get? Don’t be shy…

They’re getting hotter as the years go by. My novels officially border erotica, some have crossed over. I simply love intimacy and it’s coming through a lot.

Q. Can any of the books in The MacLomain Series or Calum's Curse Trilogy be read as standalones?

Absolutely. They all can. Would I recommend it? Of course not. Both series interconnect and their lives overlap. For me, as the writer, it’s hard to imagine just reading one. I love all of the characters so much!

Q. I have to ask how you felt now that the last book in the Calum's Curse Trilogy has just been released, The Tudor Revival (Book III). Did you breathe a sigh of relief, or do you feel sad the experience has ended?

I always feel sad at the end of a series. It’s a hard thing to say goodbye. That is why I seldom do. The MacLomain Series is continuing on with The MacLomain Series: Early years. It’s a culmination of novels devoted to characters in the series with love stories yet untold. My vampire series, Forsaken Brethren, will continue on and you know what? If my fans want the Calum’s Curse Trilogy to continue it just might in the future. Nothing is ever final in my book(s). *grins*

Can be read as standalone

Q. As a series writer, what sort of ending makes you content? Angry? Sappy? Full of joy?

Well, I’m a sucker for ‘happily ever after’ endings yet relish a good cliffhanger, meaning a leave off that makes me look forward to the next book. I’m not good at European endings. What’s the point? Sorry. Books are meant to help us escape from real life for a sec or two. We know our loved ones are gonna die… do we need that to end a book? Heck no.

Q.How do you know when writing a scene that it has produced the desired or intended result?

I don’t until I get feedback from my crit team, editor and then my readers. They are always the deciding factor.

Q. Did you have hero as a child?

Yep, my Dad. He made all heroes worth writing about. Good men do exist.

Q. Before recognizing writing was your calling, what other avenues (besides poetry) did you try?

I was ALL about the restaurant business! A HUGE ‘Thank You’ to Weathervane Seafoods. I enjoyed fourteen wonderful years doing just about everything I could for them. I met hundreds of fabulous people (future characters) and wouldn’t trade my time with them for anything. Being in the restaurant biz teaches a person how to take the good with the bad. To accept people and always be kind. That came in handy when I entered the wild world of writing.

Weathervane's Original Shack

Q. As you were building your writing career what did you do for income?

My husband…. LOL. Seriously! He carried the financial weight while I became established, bless his heart.

Q. Have you achieved being able to support yourself though you’re writing alone now?

Yes, I have! But my hubby and I still work as a team. It feels wonderful to help him out now.

Q. Do you have any other goals you hope to achieve now or in the future?

Yep! I want to continue finding success with writing but more than that, I want my son to be proud. I want him to look back on my life and say, "That was MY mom. She taught me to never give up on a dream. I loved her so much!"

Q. Is there a difference between a storyteller and a story builder?

What a great question! Interesting that you would ask that. I believe that there is. And I say this because my mom and I are working on a children’s series together. She used to tell me these wonderful stories when I was a child. They were amazing. Mom was a heck of a STORYTELLER. She could tell a story and engage all who surrounded her. I am a STORY BUILDER. I stink at telling a story out loud. But I can build a story and a world that engages my readers. The difference between us? She’s off the cuff, spontaneous and one-of-a-kind. Me? I need hours and hours to plot and build before I first start typing my story.

*I always like to end my interviews with a question just for fun. This is the one I choose for you Sky.

Q.What do you carry in your purse?

Ha! Love it! Good one. I have this great little sleek purse from Victoria’s Secret. Real sexy, smart. BUT, currently, it’s full of the game pieces from our local grocery story. My hubby and son have decided they’re going to win a million dollars! I smile and laugh and keep dishing out the pieces. Who knows, right?

Thank you again, Sky for joining us. I hope you had fun.

I did, Barbara! Your questions were great. Thanks again for having me over!

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Sky Purington said...

Thanks so much for having me over, Barbara! Great post! :-)

Barbara Mazzuca said...

It was my pleasure Sky. I had a lot of fun putting this interview together for you.

KatieO said...

Hi, Sky! Hi, Barbara!
Great interview - and hey, I'm playing to win the million dollars from the supermarket! Just need one more piece... ;-)
You new book sounds great - I'll have to go looking for it now for my next beach read.
Have a great week-

Sky Purington said...

Great to 'see' you Katie!!! We need to catch up. I know how you love ghost stories as much as me. *grins*. OMG, we're two pieces away from winning. LOL. It's driving my hubby nuts.

Barbara Mazzuca said...

Well it seems that this grocery store is the place to be. Some sort of secert suburbia club, that gathers it's members with promises of money. Keeping then enthralled into coming back by giving them a few pieces from winning...mmmm sounds dubious ladies (place evil laugher here)

Hey Katie thanks for stopping by!!

Barbara Mazzuca said...

Congratulations to KatieO you are the winner of the e-copy for TDR!! Now you won't have to go looking for it because it will soon be headed your way. Congragulations Katie!!And thank you again for stopping by!!

And Sky what a pleasure it was working with you and also for your generous gift. Kisses & Hugs!!