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Interview with Author of Dark Paranormal Kim Faulks

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Author, Kim Faulks who spins spiritual meaningful tales of Vampires, Weres and Witches.

Dark Paranormal is her chosen genre, not the conventional Mainstream Paranormal. Stories of mystery and danger. She describes her characters as emotionally torn, and others times just plain pissed off. And they’re always ready to drag you into their world, willing or not.

‘But turn your back on them, or consider them ‘domesticated’ and they will tear you apart. My characters will keep you awake at night be either desire, or fear, or just plain torment. Heart racing and emotionally charged Dark Paranormal’ – Kim Faulks

When Faulks is not writing about dangerous creatures who lurk behind dark shadows whispering "come closer if you dare", she enjoys spending time with… ‘The most wonderful man on the planet…and is the mother of two great kids’.

She works at a Security Control Room with her best friends, Rob and Nikki. And the three of them have heaps of fun and eat lollies and chocolate most afternoons.

Although she writes about creepy creatures that bite, she will run screaming like a little girl when it comes to spiders. And willing to exit a moving car if she sees a huntsman crawling crossed the windscreen.

Here’s a fun fact about the huntsman spider. The giant huntsman spider is the largest member of the Sparassidae family, boasting a 30 centimeter (12 inch) leg-span, and 4.6 centimeter (1.8 inches) body-length. Want to see what it looks like?

Um... Kim you might what to skip this part.

Kim darling, I’d have not only jumped out of the car screaming "everyman for themselves"… I’d have blown the car up!

Welcome, Kim! And thank you for joining us.

Shall we begin?

Q. How do you cope emotionally with reviewers who seemed to have missed the point of your story completely? Be honest.

Well, to be honest I really try to make sure that my messages are conveyed the best way that I can, by the characters, the plot and the location of the story itself. That is all a writer can do. I then leave it for the reader to pick-up the unspoken messages and hopefully leave them with the right type of emotion when the story finishes.

Q. Do you believe a good life is attainable? Or is it something that is out of our control, i.e. subject to luck, etc.

I believe that a good life is obtainable, but just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so too is the sense of completion, or being in the right place in your life. I am a big believer in the Buddhist and Wiccan philosophy in trying to do the right thing, at the right time and in the right way.

Q. I know that RECLAIMED (Book 1 in your Fire & Ice Series) holds special place in your heart as the very first piece you self-published. Were there any who got the special privilege of being some of the first to read the completed work? And why?

Yes, my two best friends, Robert and Nikki. They are my sounding board and are not afraid to hold back if they like, or don't like something that I have written. I trust their judgment more than my own most of the time. They keep me grounded.

Q. Did you already have the outlines for the next two books in the Fire and Ice series, Seductive Sands and Enslaved started?

No, I don't really outline much. I have a general idea where I want the story to end up and I just let the characters take me there.

Q. How old were you when you first fell in love with the dark and dangerous world of immortal creatures and the entire seductive venue they bring? Detail, Please.

Well, I had only read the younger kids books; The Famous Five, Charlotte's Web, etc. and hadn't yet ventured into the more 'adult' of books until I went in search for something with a bit more bite. Little did I know that the first book I picked up would create many enjoyable years fascinated with deadly, powerful and sexy as hell creatures, that book was Bram Stokers’s Dracula. I admit now that I stole that book from the School Library. I placed it in my bag and walked out, knowing there was no way I could ever give it back.

Q. Your Bio mentions that it’s very important to you that your stories have spiritual meaning. Can you divulge more with reference to what that means to you?

I have come to believe that there is more to life than the mundane. There is a bigger meaning to living than we realize. I have always felt kind of lost, always one step behind or to the left of most people, never really fitting in with the crowd until one day I was dragged to a psychic expo and there I met someone that would be pivotal in this spiritual journey. Tiffany was the most honest, down to earth and loving person I think I had ever met. I instantly felt a connection and I think she did too.

From then on, I figured out that the unknown is 'knowable' if you question yourself and feel at this very moment everything around you, you will realize that everything is connected and that there is a reason for everything around you. There is no right God, or Goddess, there is only what is right for

Q. Do you believe in Heaven and Hell?

I believe that at the end, our future life is weighed by our life lessons and what we have learned and how we have grown from our mistakes. There is a Hell and a Heaven and it is judged and delivered by our own spirit. If you harm others and live a life of contempt and disregard for life, regardless if it is human, or otherwise, then your Hell will be a reflection of your own spirit at the time of your death.

If you have made mistakes and have learned from those mistakes and respectfully treat every living thing as having the same rights to life as you, then not only have you evolved into a happier person, but this is what continues for you at the end, happiness and peace - like attracts like.

Q. How difficult is it for you to put your characters into situations that will hurt them?

Just like in real life the only way for someone to really find themselves and what they are made of it to be stripped down until there is nothing left. It is our darkest hour that we decide who we really are and as much as it hurts me to do this (and believe me it hurts) I would rather trust my story with a character that has the strength and spirit to endure and conquer.

Q. Is there a limit to how risqué (sexually) you will allow your characters to go?

I let the characters decide that. I will follow them wherever they lead as long as it is integral to the story. I don't like any gratuitous or violence, but we have to get our point across.

Q. How do you decide on what qualities you give your hero? Your heroine?

My character usually comes to me as an image, so I pretty much get a feel for them straight away. Natalie in my series Fire and Ice came to me in camouflage gear and guns while her red hair fanned out behind her. She came to me as a human, but one that is withdrawn and lonely inside, but hides this behind a ferocious kick-arse streak.

Kellah, the character in my new series, The No Angel Series was hidden in the shadows and when she smiled her razor teeth shone in the dark (which scared the crap out of me). My heroes are self-sacrificing and are not afraid to love, so they usually come to me scarred, hurt, but willing to lay their heart on the line for the right woman.

Q. Do you believe that names have power? If so, does this influence you when naming your characters?

Yes, I totally believe they hold power. Sometimes they come to me immediately when I'm talking about them, other times I surf the internet until I find something that will do them justice and feels right.

In one of my current works, a character's name came to me from a line of dialogue. It resonated so loudly with me that I knew for sure this is who she was meant to be. Her name is Mercy, why you ask? Because she has none.

Q. How do you know when writing a scene that it produces the desired or intended effect, sexually and otherwise?

Because, if it moves me, then it has to move my readers. I find myself hot under the collar while I write the steamier scenes and on more than one occasion had to get up and go for a walk, or a cold shower before I can start writing again. My husband thinks I'm pretty much crazy when I yell, scream, cry or sit there sick to my stomach of what I have created and written. There are characters I'll admit that have made me doubt my own character, that someone can create and bring to life someone so cruel and sick that I have had to put the story away and let it rest while I seek refuge in the words of my friends. All I can say is, poor Stephen King.

Q. What is it about the bad boy we love to hate that is so compelling?

Women love bad boys because they create a challenge and it is something that we yearn for. We need to match ourselves against another, to fuel the desire in ourselves and in another. But, usually when we have them we quickly realize that they won't change, they won't be the nice one that waited for us all along ... but if we are very lucky, we find someone that is both and then ... well, that is pure magic.

*I always like to end my interviews with a question just for fun. This is the one I chose for you…

Q. If you could have one superhuman power, what would it be? Why?

It would have to be something with the mind I think. To read others thoughts and reflect them back to them, so I can make people feel good about themselves and the ones that are not so good, well, hopefully I can make that change **evil wink**

Saturn Girl (Imra Ardeen) is a fictional character appearing in DC comic books. A talented telepath from the 30th century, Imra first appeared in Adventure Comics #247 (April 1958) as a founding member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Imra's "Saturn Girl" title refers to her homeworld of Titan, the largest moon of the planet Saturn. She was ranked 50th in Comics Buyer's Guide's 100 Sexiest Women in Comics list.[1]

(From Wikipedia)

And that brings us to the end of my interview with Author, Kim Faulks. Thank you again Kim for allowing me this chance to get to know you. I hope you had fun.

Thank you very much, Barb. I have had an absolute blast and I would love for you to keep in touch.

If you wish to learn more about Kim Faulks you can find her at:!/kim.faulks

‘Do not be fooled by my smiles and innocence as there is something much darker that lurks underneath. That is why I write

– Kim Faulks.

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