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Review: What Tangled Webs by Dan Dillard

Reviewer Black Pearl Raves:

'Dillard is indeed a gifted writer!'

Winner of Risqué Reviews Top Pick Award

Title: What Tangled Webs
Author: Dan Dillard
Release Date: 15 October 2010
Genre: Horror Anthology
Pages: 236
Publisher: Smashwords
Series: N/A
Format: ebook/Kindle

Posted: June 27, 2012
Reviewer: The Black Pearl
Rating: 5
Heat Level: N/A


Cheating death, cheating time, looking for the easy way out. These things have consequences. Consequences that can be violent and painful. What Tangled Webs we weave, when first we practice to deceive. "What Tangled Webs" is short story collection that tells it like it might be… when the balance is off and the monsters come out. Includes the novella, "The Wager" where Jacob Kane finds himself living in a hell on Earth. He's lost the woman he loves, his peaceful life, and worst of all, his soul. What has the devil got in store for him? Bounty hunting the worst, most despicable people on the planet.


With a somewhat skeptical eye, I began Dan Dillard's horror anthology What Tangled Webs." Having just completed Dillard's Demons and Other Inconveniences, I prepared myself for the let-down that often occurs when a reader is first amazed by the writings of an author they’d never read before and then sorely disappointed when anything else read never lives up to the original--like when, as the reader, you question if perhaps the author had experienced a rare stroke of creative genius during the first read or if they simply got complacent having received such rave reviews for the first novel. With that being said, I prepared myself for said let-down and opened my Kindle.

*Insert funky disco tune here!*

Dillard can write a darn good horror story! Several times I put down my Kindle, wishing someone sat next to me who I could elbow and say, "Can you believe this guy?" or "This is craziness. Pure craziness!" I just wanted to share all the feelings I experienced with someone who could understand how psyched one gets by an amazingly-written story. So, I reviewed Dillard's anthology with the following system:

I like to give each story its own rating with a rating of five stars being ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT, 3 stars being MEH, IT WAS OKAY, and 1 star being COULD HAVE WENT WITHOUT READING IT. My rating for the stories included in What Tangled Webs are as follows:??

Lament of the Devil– 5 (Dillard once again opens his collection of scaries with a poem that is both entertaining and thought-provoking)

Deliver Us From Evil– 3 (The story starts interesting enough with a truly despicable character that the reader should have no trouble disliking. My issue is with the execution of the ending. I had some questions as to the "how" that I would have liked answered.)

Epi3Demic– 4.5 (A great story that reminded me of several tv shorts I’d seen. There seemed to be a small inconsistency toward the end of the story but that could be my mistake. I would have loved to have known the exact cause of what it was that was causing the "epi3demic".)

Quid Pro Quo– 5 (A great story that's simply amazing, making one wonder if given the choice…what would they choose?)????

Rite of Passage– 4.5 (I loved this story. And the way in which little William spoke – "Franks" – how endearing! The ending was truly unexpected, and I would have liked to have known the "why," but I’m annoyingly curious like that.)

Out, Damned Spot– 3.5 (Dillard writes the best characters. I so mean that.)

Briar Trace– 4.5 (I really enjoyed this story. I almost thought it was a carry-over from his previous book Demons and Other Inconveniences but, when I realized it was not, I wasn’t disappointed. Again I would have liked a few questions answered.)

What Tangled Webs– 4.5 (I almost skipped this one when I came across the word ‘spider’ in the first line. My arachnophobia coupled with the likes of Dan Dillard couldn’t be good. But my curiosity got the best of me, and I delved into this story of two people who couldn’t have been more right for each other.)

The ‘A’ Word– 5 (A chilling story with an unexpected and hard-to-stomach ending. It might be slightly offensive to those who fail to remember it’s just a story…right?)

Saranormal– 3.5 (A really good story, but I found myself confused by the ending

The Wager– 5 (This masterpiece is what makes this short story collection a 5. I couldn’t even find fault with the ending--only because I’m hoping and praying and wishing that the author turns this novella into a full-blown novel or even a series! An amazing story with a cast of characters so real that you’ll forget you’re reading as your mind brings these characters and this story to life. Bravo!)

Dillard amazes me, yet again, in What Tangled Webs. I can’t say enough about the writing style, characterization, or creativity woven into each story. I look forward to reading more by this author who affirms my saying that talent can be learned but a gift is truly something divine. Dillard is indeed a gifted writer.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Review for The Captain and The Courtesan by Juliet Chastain

 "Highly-recommended sweet historical romance with sensual love scenes"  The Black Pearl said after reviewing The Captain and the Coutesan.

Winner of Risqué Review Top Pick Award

Title: The Captain and The Courtesan
Author: Juliet Chastain

Release Date: 13 January 2012
Genre: Historical Erotica
Pages: 36
Publisher: Breathless Press
Series: n/a
Format: Kindle
Posted: June 23, 2012
Reviewer: The Black Pearl
Rating: 4.5
Heat Level: I

Against his conscience, Captain Edward Howland buys a night with the enchanting and mysterious masked courtesan, Lady Amelia Kentley, and their evening together becomes far more than either expected.
As her first night as a courtesan approaches, the mysterious masked noblewoman is the talk of London. Impoverished Lady Amelia Kentley, wearing a mask to hide her identity, is resigned to her fate, working in a brothel to support her child and herself. When she meets the kindly and passionate sea Captain Edward Howland, she is shocked at the powerful attraction she feels for him. She hopes that he will be her first paying lover. Dare she dream of more, of running away from her degrading situation with him?

 Edward disdains paid-for sex, but he is so enchanted with the masked Lady Amelia that he cannot resist the chance to claim a night's pleasure with her before he sets sail in the morning. They share hours of overwhelming passion, and a deep affection develops between them. By daybreak, Edward is determined to find a way to rescue her from her fate as a courtesan, but can he do so without besmirching his honor?

I am a sucker for the "bad girls" of historical romances. Give me the less-than-coy courtesan or the worldly widow over the trembling virgin any day. Lady Amelia Kentley, the heroine in what appears to be Juliet Chastain’s debut novel, The Captain and The Courtesan, doesn’t quite fall into either category. Having fallen on hard times after the death of her husband, Amelia makes the difficult decision to join the oldest female profession--in order to feed and clothe herself and her young son. Posing as the Lady M, she will be auctioned off to the highest bidder who will win the luxury of bedding a noblewoman turned courtesan. The night prior to her debut, Amelia meets newly appointed sea captain Edward Howland who doesn’t support the idea of a woman prostituting herself for any means. Then he's dragged to a brothel by his inebriated comrades to celebrate his promotion, Edward meets the mysterious Lady M and is instantly enchanted by her. What follows is an endearing romance that will make many readers instant fans of author Juliet Chastain.

Although it was listed as an erotic historical, The Captain and The Courtesan reads more as a sweet romance with love scenes that were more sensual than erotic. I loved that most of the story took place in a brothel and there was a great deal of interaction with the madam who ran the brothel. As I previously stated, I’m more drawn to heroines of a more sullied nature so the story was a tad too "sweet" to be one of my favorites, but it is definitely a novel I would highly recommend. Beautifully written with characters that seem to leap off the pages, The Captain and The Courtesan is why I have such a great love for historical romances.


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Review for Wrong Kind of Paradise by Suzie Grant

"I'm anxiously awaiting the next book in the series". Said  Paula R after reviewing Suzies Grant's Wrong Kind of Paradise!

Winner of Risqué Review Top Pick Award

Title: Wrong Kind of Paradise
Author: Suzie Grant
Release Date: July 11, 2011
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: 383
Publisher: Night Shift Publishing
Series: Paradise Series
Format: E-Book
Posted: June 23, 2012
Reviewer: Paula R
Rating: 5
Heat Level: 1

Angel De’Haviland is the daughter of pirate Logan De’Haviland. She has secretly had a crush for years on the captain of a pirate ship called the “Serpent.” His name was Blac Barclay and he was a close friend of Angel’s father. But he has come to kidnap Angel, and she can’t understand why. The plan backfires, though, and Logan is taken prisoner by the British red coated soldiers.

Angel manages to escape and she takes over Blac’s ship, and renames it the “Serpent’s Lady.” Two years passes and Angel is determined to find her father and rescue him. Blac has acquired a new ship and named her the “Serpent’s Revenge.” He knows the British lieutenant will not kill Logan until he has Angel as well, and Blac is determined to capture Angel again and try to rescue Logan. Angel has a secret desire for Blac, and she doesn’t understand why he tried to capture her in the first place. Blac secretly desires Angel, but he can’t help but see her as “Logan’s daughter.”

Will Blac be able to capture Angel and convince her to help him rescue Logan? Will her desire for Blac be realized? Will Blac realize he loves Angel?


After reading another of Suzie Grant’s books and absolutely loving it I decided to give Wrong Kind of Paradise a chance. Again, I am wowed by her ability to keep the action flowing in such a manner as to make me feel I’m part of the storyline and right in the thick of things.

This book tells the tale of a young lady whose father, Logan De’Haviland, is a pirate. There is a young man who grew up on her father’s ship from the time he was 15, and who has become a privateer in his own right. The young lady, Angel De’Haviland, has secretly had a crush on Blac Barclay, this privateer who is such a great friend of her father’s. Blac has taught Angel how to use a sword and protect herself since she was a young girl. He sees her as Logan’s daughter, until he has to capture her to deliver her to her maternal grandfather. This is at the request of Logan himself, because he fears for Angel’s safety since he leads the life of a pirate.

Blac hasn’t seen Angel for a few years and realizes that Angel has grown into a beautiful young lady. He cannot betray Logan, though, so he keeps his distance from her. Angel,however, is determined to make Blac love her. He makes good on his promise to deliver her to her grandfather, but feels in his heart that something is not quite right with this situation. Angel discovers a dark secret once she arrives at her grandfather’s house.

I felt all of the action, my heart racing along with Angel’s heart during her daring escape. I felt the desire she felt for Blac when she finally meets up with him again; and again during the devastation toward the end of the story. I could feel the sorrow that she felt. This was another book that I could not put down. As I neared the end of the book, the excitement built within me until I was ignoring everything around me!

I'm anxiously awaiting the next book in the series. I have quickly found a new favorite author, and I love the excitement I felt when I read Wrong Kind of Paradise.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Review for Demons and Other Inconveniences by Dan Dillard

"This man is either brilliant in his writing or one of the most creatively gifted psychopaths I know". Said Black Pearl after reviewing this book...

Winner of Risqué Reviews Top Pick Award

Title: Demons and Other Inconveniences
Author: Dan Dillard
Release Date: 1 June 2010
Genre: Horror Anthology
Pages: 184
Publisher: Smashwords
Series: N/a
Format: ebook/Kindle

Posted: June 22, 2012
Reviewer: The Black Pearl
Rating: 5
Heat Level: N/A


This is a collection of 17 short horror stories including Pig Man, Ingrate, Demon of Walker's Woods, Unlucky in Death as well as 7 new shorts previously unavailable. Each one deals with a different demon, some tangible, some festering from within...all deadly. A collection of short horror stories for grown-ups with non-traditional twists and a bit of dark humor.

While reading Demons and Other Inconveniences by Dan Dillard, a few of the thoughts that ran through my mind were as follows:

How did he do that? (awe)
Why did he do that? (silently sobbing)
He’s my new best friend.
Curse you Dan Dillard!!!
Did I lock the front door?
I need a brighter night light.
This man is either brilliant in his writing or one of the most
creatively gifted psychopaths I know.
What’s the balance in my checking account? I must purchase
everything he’s written!
What’s the balance in the childrens’ college fund? I must
purchase everything he’s written!
Would it be blasphemy to call him the god (little g) of horror
for the new millennia?

Seriously folks, I battled back and forth between giving this book a rating of 4.5 and a 5 because this would be the second rating of 5 I’ve given a book in a limited number of reviews and I didn’t want to be thought of as the reviewer who hands out 5’s like Ritalin in a class of first-graders the day after Halloween. Yet to give this masterpiece anything less than a 5 would be doing it, the author, and me as a reviewer and book fan-atic a huge injustice. The only negative thing I could point out about this book is the hideous cover which might have prevented me from reading this book under different circumstances. Hopefully others will stick to the old adage of "don’t judge a book by its cover" and snatch up a copy of Demons and Other Inconveniences.

When reviewing anthologies, I like to give each story its own rating with a rating of five stars being ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT, 3 stars being Meh, It Was Okay and 1 star being Could Have Went Without Reading. My rating for the stories included in Demons and Other
are as follows:

Rolling Meadows – 5 (I adored the main character in this story and found myself amazed at
how Dan Dillard could create characters that you feel like you knew or
wanted to know. A great story that takes place in a setting you don’t read about
often in horror – a retirement home.

Pig Man – 4 (The title alone gave me the creeps. After viewing the original
Amityville horror, I have a thing with pig sightings of any kind. This story
reiterates why.)

Confessions – 5 (Every mother’s worse nightmare.)

The Trash Menagerie – 3.5 (I would say this was the weakest story in the collection. Yet even Dillard’s "bad" is good.)

Infestation of the Third Kind – 5 (This story deserved more than a rating of 5! It went above and beyond! Seriously! Sci-fi has to be one of my least favorite genres but this
post-apocalyptic tale with a sci-fi twist was genius! I did not want it to end and have considered contacting the author to politely request, beg, or subtly demand he turn this short into a full-length novel!)

IndiviDUALITY – 4 (I actually liked the protagonist in this story. His views on
individuality, religion, society, etc. gave one food for thoughts and I even
found myself nodding in agreement from time to time. Too bad he was a homicidal

Anticipation – 4.5 (Wow! I did not see that one coming!)

Geometry – 3.5 (I enjoyed this story yet wish there was a definite conclusion. I
suppose that was the entire point of this tale, however.)

Ingrate – 4 (I knew there was a reason I didn’t care much for dogs.)

Amber Alert – 5 (Chilling story. Word of warning to fellow ‘carnivores’ – don’t read this while eating.)

My Mind’s Eye – 4.5 (Admittedly, I first thought this to be the least favorite story in the collection and was tempted to skim through it but am so glad I did not. Once my mind wrapped around what this story was about and realized the truth of it, by its conclusion – I was shook up for a few minutes. Brilliantly executed.)

The Wrong Place – 4 (Ha! Unique twist to what I believed to be a predictable story.)

Never Judge a Book – 5 (Another great story with an expected ending. I laughed out loud several times while reading.)

The Frank Diary of Anne – 4.5 (Haunting. Left me wondering about the fate of "baby

Unlucky in Death – 4.5 (Bob the hippie/surfer/stoner who happens to also be the most
fascinating and hilarious vampire caused me to bump this rating up by .5)

Rotten Luck – 5 (This story is why I love short stories! When an author can, in a few
short pages, convincingly and expertly tell a story that totally engages all of your senses in a way that leaves you wanting more yet feeling completely satisfied at the same time – that author has mastered the short story! Another reason that this story rocked? Zombies. Enough said.

The Demon of Walker’s Woods 5 (This story was an emotional roller coaster ride. One minute I thought I knew what was going on and then Bam! I’m hit with something that leads me down a different path. A tale that will resonate with just about every adult who had the "scary old witch" in their neighborhood.)

Although it wasn’t mentioned in the table of contents (or list of scaries as Mr. Dillard refers to it), It is a Pleasure to Meet You is a poem that introduces the reader to the distorted world of Dan Dillard and lets them know they are in for a treat. I read it four times with awe and
appreciation before I could proceed with the rest of the book. In fact, I thought I’d read this brilliant little piece and then shut down my Kindle for the night…er, early morning…but lo and behold and an hour and a half later, I was half-way through the sixth story and reminded again of why I love the horror genre.

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Interview for RG Porter

Today I’d like to welcome Author of Fantasy, Paranormal and Horror novels Robyn Porter otherwise known as RG Porter.

At the moment Robyn resides in Texas, but admits she’s not a big fan. She plans to move to the UK down the line. Her hubby is from there and they both really want to be by his family. She has two sons, one of which graduates this year.

Robyn has a day job as well. She loves book and movies with fantasy, sci-fi, horror and thrillers as long as there is a great storyline. And she loves online role playing games. (Mmm now there’s some food for the imagination…)*winks*

Robyn’s Bio:
Robyn wrote her first novel,
Shadow of the Wolf, back in 2005, as a way to escape from a chaotic world. Though she never expected her writing to go anywhere, her first novel debuted through Wild Rose Press in 2007. Since then she has continued to write what she is drawn to, whether it be a world where magic and shape-shifters exist or a place where vampires are ready to overthrow the world of humans. Currently she finds herself writing as much as she can. With her first book to be re-released Oct 1st, she plans to have many more novels out in the coming months. From her Darkness Unleashed series to her Guardian's of Nature series, she will continue to bring forth new "…tales of mystery, magic and mayhem". No doubt a Risqué Reviews kind of gal!

Thank you Robyn for taking time out of what I’m sure is a busy schedule to join us.

And now without further ado…I am pleased to introduce Author RJ Porter.

Q. Can you tell us some of the pleasures and pitfalls of simultaneously authoring Fantasy, Paranormal and Horror under the same name?

Personally, for me, I don’t find many pitfalls. If there is one, it is making sure to keep any real gore out of the fantasy and keeping some normalcy in the horror and not going too far out there. At times the lines can be muddled, but it is actually easier to keep them separate than you might think.

Q. How difficult is it to separate the author from the person?

Really, they are so interwoven that the biggest difference is making sure my mind doesn’t wander too much when at work and plotting out too many scenes when I should be focusing on hard numbers and reports. Other than that, the person who writes is who I am through and through.

Q. When is it too soon for the characters in a book to have sex in a non-erotic story?

This is difficult. It mostly depends on the storyline and the characters involved. As in real life, there are no limitations on when two consenting individuals can be together. I think so long as the characters make the scene believable than that is all that matters.

Q. How sexual do your romance novels get?

Mine are very sweet. Since I want a many people to be exposed to what I write, I prefer to keep any ‘sexual encounters’ behind closed doors. I do enjoy including the pull between characters as well as the tension it provides, but past that, I prefer to leave that up to each person’s own imagination.

Q. What do you think is sexier an implied love scene or the actual scene from the first kiss to the grand finale?

I prefer implied. What I write can be great, but what a person feels and takes from what happens beforehand and how they allow it to unfold in their own mind, can be so much more. That, to me, is one of the best things to allow a reader to experience.

Q. How do you cope emotionally with reviewers who seemed to have missed the point of your story completely?

I take what they say, read it, digest it and then keep writing. Not every reviewer can understand what an author writes and sometimes it just slips past them. I do not let it get to me, too much, but talk it over with other authors, get their input and move on. What they don’t get in one book, they might fully catch in the next.

Q. What was the scariest movie you ever saw? Why?

Sadly, not much really scares me. I can appreciate horror movies and what they provide, but none of them have ever made me jump or look behind me. My dreams, well that’s an entirely different story.

    Book you ever read? Why?

I adore Stephen King. He is the master at what he does and I respect all he has accomplished. I loved IT. It took on fears and how they relate to each individual character so well. I bow to the master.

Q. What keeps the pages turning for you when reading?

The flow and interaction with the characters in the story. I want to feel what they feel and see what they see. If I can do that, I’m hooked.

Q. What is your day job?

Ugh, Insurance. Actually, I do enjoy my day job. It is the complete opposite of what I write, but it allows me to remain grounded and keeps the ‘logical’ part of my brain working.

Q. How do you keep the character/relationship central to the story while still combining genres?

I write the way I would see the story unfold as if watching a movie. If I can make them feel and seem real, then the story will hold their relationships at the forefront. Since most people react to life based on daily interactions with those they know and care about, it is just as important to keep that going while writing.

Q. Has there ever been a time when a scene you were writing became too emotional, and you had to step back?

Yes. In one of my stories, the main character discusses her grief for losing her family. To make that feel as real to the reader as possible I drew on the emotions I felt/feel at the memory of my father. There were times when those memories became so vivid in my mind that I had to stop and regroup. But if those emotions came across in the story, then it was worth it.

Q. As you began your journey in writing you say "it was just to escape from a chaotic world". What was the deciding factor to take a stab at getting published?

My friends who had read some of my ramblings ushered me into researching what was required. They felt the adventures that I was writing were worth getting out there. They knew I wrote for the enjoyment, but also knew that it made me happy when I could help others to find an escape from a very chaotic world.

Q. How would you describe your writing style?

If I had to label it I would say I am a pantser. I write as the story unfolds in my head. I may start out with a general idea and a few plotlines jotted down, but once it begins, I let the characters tell the story as they see it. Many times this takes the story into a whole new place I had not expected, but, it has always ended up being worth it. It’s much like I’m just a channel by which the story is told. So long as it is written, the characters within my head are happy.

*I always like to end interviews with a question just for fun. This is the one I choose for you.

Q. What sort of character would you play in a comic book (hero, humorous sidekick, villain, that abrasive newspaper guy, etc.) and why?

I would be the quite studious one who assists the hero but remains out of the lime light. I believe in right, though there are times when bad things still happen, but so long as what is right prevails, that is what matters. This may be why some of my stories can have very bad things happen, but at the same time, have a very strong message woven within the novel.

I really enjoyed putting together this interview for you, Robyn. I hope you enjoyed yourself as well.

Want to learn more about Robyn in addition to everywhere you can find her on the net? Go to her blog

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Review for RECLAIMED by Kim Faulks

Well played twists and turns in one hot beginning of a series!

Say's Barb after reviewing RECLAIMED....

Author: Kim Faulks
Release Date: 08/24/11
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Pages: 77
Publisher: Self- Published
Series: Fire and Ice
ISBN: 978-0-9871841-0-8
Posted: June 8th 2012
Reviewer: Barb
Rating: 4
Heat Level: II

Blurb/Summary: (From Book)

Reclaimed is the first in a five part erotic paranormal series titled: Fire and Ice.

Natalie Sommers is an armed bodyguard. She has completed two tours in Afghanistan with the Australian Army and carries five different weapon licenses. To say she is a tough, no-nonsense woman, is an understatement. But underneath the tough exterior that she shows, lies the truth that even she won’t admit, that she is lonely.

So when she is hired to escort the rich and gorgeous Alexander Ash around the dazzling backdrop of Sydney she can’t help but become seduced by his fixation of her.

But it is no accident that Alexander has walked into her life, as he has met her, loved her and fought for her before.

Alexander Ash has sworn he would love her forever, even if it means searching for all eternity…and eternity is a long time for a vampire.

The Fire and Ice Series is a tale of undying passion and love as Natalie is torn between two immortals that hold a secret so deadly that it will tear her world apart.


Well played, Kim Faulks…Hired by Alexander Ash as a body guard, Natalie Sommers is immediately suspicious about his intentions behind why he needs a "personal bodyguard". Alexander Ash is, without doubt, wealthy, handsome, and arrogant--a man who always "gets" what he wants. Natalie knows the type who seeks out "a personal body guard" is looking for one like her. But he's far too insistent that for this situation he must have her for his bodyguard. If he is expecting more from her than just guarding his body, he’ll find out the hard way no extras are included in the price. But there was that shudder when she first laid on him. Was it desire? Or just her body telling her it’s been to long since she’d been laid?

Here is where an author could have lost me.

Even though Natalie soon realizes that she is indeed attracted to Alex, Faulks didn’t rush them into bed. She understands her characters and knows there is still too much mystery surrounding Alex. And that Natalie is too much of a professional to let that happen. When the moment comes and her guard falls, Faulks makes it seem as if Natalie is in a dream-like state of awareness--not truly having a totally conscious understanding what is happening to her.

At the most crucial moment at what is happening to her is where Marik enters, bringing her back to awareness and her surroundings before things go too far. Now the story really begins to heat up. Not that they weren’t already on fire…Both men swear they love her. Both warn her to be wary of the other. Who is telling the truth? Or are both lying? Both are holding back details. But for what means?

And without further ado Kim Faulks' Reclaimed captured me. And just as fast I felt ‘you know what killed the cat’, was heading in Natalie's direction. Because there is more to Alex then meets the eye. He is also a vampire. And if that isn’t enough Marik is a Djinn. And both seem to already know her. And this is when Natalie’s world turns into a rock-and-roll kaleidoscope of twists and turns that lead her straight out of the reality she knew and into what can only be described as being swept into a LSD trip, without actually being on LSD.

Reclaimed’s ending is only the beginning. There are many voids that need filling in. No, Natalie’s has many roads to travel before everyone’s true nature is exposed, including hers. No matter what that entails, I will be right there with her. So be on the lookout for my reviews for Book 2 Seductive Sands and Book 3 Enslaved in Kim Faulks' Fire and Ice series.

Here’s hoping the journey unfolds as well as it began!!