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Review for Moonlight Captivation by Angela Castle

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"The Best Romance Formula Out There" 
Says Reviewer Monica


Winner of Risqué Reviews Top Pick Award

Title: Moonlight Captivation
Author: Angela Castle
Release Date: May 15, 2012
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 182
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Series: Moon Shadows Book 1
Format: ebook
ISBN: 978-1-61160-406-1
Posted: May 15, 2012
Reviewer: Monica
Rating: 4.5 stars
Heat Level: II (contains some scenes with M/m)


There is a fracture in hell (known as the Lower Realms) that allows demons to enter the Human Realm. These demons commit countless atrocities against humans. Therefore, to save the Human Realm, the Outer Realm foretold a prophecy in which a powerful prince would be born and only he could seal the fracture. Of course, this means that the baby is a huge obstacle to the demons and must be gotten rid of.

Neman is an ex-god and demon hunter. His job on the Human Realm is to hunt down all of the evil demons that have escaped hell. On one such night of hunting, he stumbles upon an intoxicated woman, Nessa, trying to coax a cat to come closer. The cat, however, is one of the demons Neman is hunting. When he intervenes, Nessa entices him and, unable to resist, he takes her back to his place. After the night, he takes her to her apartment and leaves.

Nessa wakes up the following morning very confused and hazy on her actions. She remembers deciding to get drunk after witnessing her boyfriend sleeping with another woman but not much else. So imagine her surprise when she discovers only a few days later that she’s pregnant. Unfortunately, she’s unsure who the father is.

Neman learns that she’s pregnant and that the child is also the Chosen One that is to fulfill the prophecy. He does his best to protect both and begins to fall in love. Add in a side romance of Slazzamar the Sneak, Neman’s friend, and Darrin, Nessa’s friend, and you have one excellent romance book.


Angela Castle's, Moonlight Captivation completely encompasses all of the reasons why I enjoy romance--the perfect combination of passion, intrigue, drama, and sarcasm. The plot is unique and exciting. The characters are independent and courageous with natural and heartfelt emotions as well as witty and passionate interactions between them.


Neman and Nessa make a very cute couple. They’re at each other’s throats one minute then making up very soon afterward. Despite these confrontations, the reader always knows they love each other. Their relationship progresses naturally, coming across as strong but flexible. I also think that the way they come to accept being parents is very realistic and bodes well for the future. But the story doesn't stop there. The Moonlight Captivation’s secondary characters are also written very well with depth, feelings, and their own point of views.

Slazzamar and Darrin’s story is m/m--something I'm unaccustomed to reading. The m/m romance is both sweet and hot. M/m is a sub-genre I never thought I’d enjoy until I read this story. But their point of views aren't the only satisfying personas to connect with. The story's villainess, Jezebel, gets her own point of view. Isn't it refreshing to understand why someone is evil, even if you can’t relate to her worldview? Add these characters to the hero and heroine managing to block the fracture until the Chosen One can fulfill his destiny to find the ending warm and friendly. Then all of Neman’s brothers arrive at the end to foreshadow how there is definitely romance in each brother's future.

Angela Castle wrote a very great story. I used to think all of the plots authors use now were clichéd. But Castle has thrown me for a spin. She incorporates the best romance formula out there. I, for one, will look for more of her stories. This series has me hooked!

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