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Review for Something About Witches by Joey W. Hill 4.5 Stars

Pulls from the gate a sure winner with blistering sex scenes!

Title: Something About Witches
Author: Joey W. Hill
Release Date: February 7, 2012
Genre: Paranormal Sensual Romance
Pages: 320
Publisher: Berkley Heat
Series: Book I of the Arcane Shot Series
Format: Print
ISBN: 978-0425246139
Posted: April 2012
Reviewer: Barb
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Heat Level: II

Winner of Risqué Reviews Top Pick Award


Ruby Night Divine is a gun-shop owner. She’s also a witch who knows magic can fail. She’s experienced it firsthand, with full-blown tragic consequences. Smith & Wesson is a whole hell of a lot more reliable, and nothing’s as cathartic as the ability to put a few holes in the things that piss you off. Like Derek Stormwind.

A powerful sorcerer, Derek is determined to get to the bottom of why Ruby pushed him away and ran three years before. He also needs her help. A coven needs training to fight a demon and his minions. While Ruby is willing to do it, she’s sure it’s just a ruse to get back in her heart—and her bed. The thing is, that’s where she wants him.

Unfortunately, her bed’s already made, she’s this close to losing her soul, and she fears nothing can save her. Not Derek. Not even Smith & Wesson.


Derek Stormwind is a beyond-belief character. He is a sex-personified-no-holds-barred Cowboy who shoots first and asked questions later. And if that isn’t enough, he is also a sorcerer of unimaginable power who has lived for centuries. He has taken every chance to learn from his mistakes and continues to learn, never taking his knowledge or powers for granted as all knowing. Even though, with just a wave of his hand, he can and does put all of the Angels on high alert because he is a Guardian of the Light. If this is what Big and Rich meant in their song "Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy", saddle up ladies, you’re about to get the ride of your life! Besides, there isn’t anything pretentious about him, except when he knows he’s right. And he has never walked away from a conflict. Until Ruby.

The past between Derek and Ruby is painful. And, as he finally finds his way back into her life, he discovers Ruby has mislead him with what he thought he knew. And, as if matters weren’t already bad enough, she kept a secret from him--one of the most powerful sorcerers to ever walk the earth-which brings him to his knees. Now he must fight to keep Ruby from the Darkness slowing eating away at her soul and reconcile the affection, respect, and love between them. This time there will be no walking away.

Ruby Night Divine was abused by a narcissistic mother who made Ruby believe she must hide any magnitude and amazing power that might be within her, or disaster will descend upon her. As each page brings us closer to understand what drove the wedge between Derek and Ruby, the story unravels all of the emotions that were the catalyst making Ruby feel that her choice to hide her power was the only possible option available to her. Now, more than ever, she needs Derek, but since his return, she is still trying to drive him away, fearing he will discover what she wishes to keep hidden. Even at the cost of losing her battle against the Darkness to protect it.

Something about Witches
is the first book in Hill’s new series, Arcane Shot Series. It is also her  first mass market paperback. I have to admit I was a wee bit concerned that the mass market aspect might deter some of the emotional impact compared to her other work. I am pleased to say my worries were for not.

There is defiantly something about every aspect of this tale, the dark tones throughout, and the tormented emotions as they are flayed open like a wound, and the slow painful journey needed to heal them. And then there is Ruby’s former Dark Guardian lover Mikhail, whom we will be hearing more about in the next book in this series,
In the Company of Witches,coming out on May 1, 2012 (I already have it pre- ordered, can’t wait).And then, of course, there are the sex scenes. The Burning, Blazing, Blistering sex scenes! Both consummating and powerful!

Sub-plots intertwine throughout the story and can be, at times, slow going. But don’t let that deter you. Every ounce of information is necessary in order to get to the pinnacle moment of the plot. And, as the story builds to that pinnacle moment, you know something big is about to be revealed. Still, you will be blindsided when it happens. As soon as that page turns, your mouth will be hanging open in anguish. You might even find a tear rolling down your cheek, realizing you are crying. You will not want to miss an instant leading to that moment. Trust me.

Hill doesn’t miss a beat as she takes you into the world where Light and Dark are in a constant battle of balance. Think of it like a set of scales. Darkness on one side. Light on the other. If one side gets to heavy or grows too strong, the whole scale will fall apart. In Hill's story, Lights struggle has never been about winning against Darkness. It’s always been to stop Darkness from tipping that scale. And the biggest battle Derek has ever faced is going to be the battle for Ruby’s soul.

Kudos to Joey W. Hill as her first book, Something about Witches, in this exciting new series, Arcane Shot, pulls from the gate a sure winner!

I just have to mention one more thing before I end this review. It’s mentioned in SAW that Stormwind played some central roles in Hills VampireQueen Series however, because it wasn’t relevant to the story, there were not much details. Now I’ve read everyone one of those books in that series, and it was driving me crazy that I could not place his character in them. So I emailed Joey and asked her...Because I just had to know. She replied and set everything to right. And I thought it was so interesting that for those who also have read and love her Vampire Queen Series would be interested in knowing too.

"Hey, Barb! He’s mentioned in two of the vampire books, though the readers don’t meet him directly. In Beloved Vampire, he is the wizard that helped Mason learn how to preserve Farida’s body and taught him rudimentary magical elements that he mentioned to Jessica. He also gives Lord Brian info about him to help with the development of the servant-reversal serum. Though it’s mentioned in Something About Witches that Derek often gave the vampires the impression he was a "descendant" of that wizard rather than reveal his immortality as the centuries progressed. He’s also referenced in Vampire Instinct as the wizard who set up the unique magic of the cat sanctuary".

So there you have it straight from the Author. You can’t do better than that!

Thank you, Joey =)

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