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Review Butterfly Garden by Annette Blair 4.5 Stars

Learn How Love Blooms!

Title: Butterfly Garden
Author: Annette Blair
Release Date: 10/1/11
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: 257
Publisher: Lachesis Publishing
Series: N/A
Format: E-Book
ISBN: 9781897562891
Posted: April 2, 2012
Reviewer: Paula R
Rating: 4.5
Heat Level: 1

Risque Reviews Top Pick Award


Amish Spinster Sara Lapp stands on the doorstep of Abby and Adam Zuckerman’s house. She has been sent for by Adam because Abby is expecting their fourth child. Sara has been worried about Abby’s health, feeling she shouldn’t have been pregnant again. Sara is working under the English doctor to become a midwife, therefore feels she has some knowledge in this subject.

Mad Adam, as all the community call Adam, is confronted by Sara about Abby’s labor, and they hear a baby’s cry. Sara rushes to her friend’s room only to find that Abby has not survived the childbirth, but she has left Adam with another daughter.

Adam feels he is to blame for giving in to Abby’s desire to try to give him a son. He knew she should not get pregnant again, so he blames himself for Abby’s death. He feels anything he cares about goes away or dies.

Will Sara be able to get Adam to find love? Can Sara get Adam to love his daughters? Does he feel a sexual attraction to Sara as she feels for him?


I have read other Amish romances, but none left me feeling the way Annette Blair's Butterfly Garden did. Most other Amish stories have no sexual content and left me thinking the Amish culture really does not feel any normal sexual feelings like most people. Blair showed me a different side to that belief with her heroine, Sara. Sara does not demonstrate the usual attitude of most Amish women. She doesn’t mind speaking her feelings, even if it goes against what others in the order feel and is somewhat against the rules of the order. As Sara agrees to keep a couple's four daughters, between 4 years of age and newborn, she vows to somehow help the father, Mad Adam, realize he loves his girls, sensing somehow that he does. Butterfly Garden is the story of Sara’s journey to accomplish that through the characters' emotions.

Blair demonstrates she holds a solid grasp of human emotions in telling the story of Adam Zuckerman and his denial of his feelings for his daughters. She describes Adam beginning to have feelings for Sara and how he tries to deny these feelings. At first he realizes he is sexually attracted to Sara in a way that he never felt for his wife Abby. Then he realizes he likes having Sara around. As Blair takes you through the story, Sara begins to feel a sexual attraction to Adam, her feelings eventually turning to love. As Sara is patient with Adam, he begins to see how love should really feel. Through these experiences, the hero and heroine are drawn closer and closer physically and emotionally.

I loved the descriptive way Blair led me through all the emotions that both Adam and Sara felt during their time spent together. It made me feel as if I was actually in the story myself, and I could almost feel the way Sara felt whenever she brushed against Adam or when he touched Sara for any reason.

Will love win out for the young couple? Will they allow their feelings to surface and become a real couple?Read Butterfly Garden and learn how love blooms for two special people and four beautiful daughters.

Originally Posted on Risqué Reviews Website on April 2, 2012

Reviewed by Paula R

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