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Review of The Feral Series by Skhye Moncrief

There is nothing tiring about Skhye Moncrief, Feral Series.

Publisher: New Concept Publisher
Series: The Feral Series
Rating: 4.5
Heat Level: 3


The Feral Series by Skhye Moncrief

I’ve never done a review for a whole series before; there might be cause to do that with so many authors writing them now. I may just have to begin a new category for just such things. I like series and I especially like when the author brings with each book new and exciting characters with each one.

This series has something for everyone. Well that’s if you’re like me and like to read about hunk-a-lious dangerously handsome men and about strong willed women that captivate them body and soul. And If you like stories that make you dream of impossible things. Then yes, this is a series I think you will enjoy very much.

Did I mention some of the characters might not always be human or come from earth? What are they? Well how do you feel about Shape-shifters, Vampires and Cybrogs, (That’s right I said Cybrogs) or psychic mercenaries or aliens with blue hair…oh my!! As to where they come from…look up, and then hold on. Oh and you might want to get that telescope out of attic and dust it off. Why? Because after reading this series you are going to be looking at the stars in a whole new way!!

The scenes pop off the pages and are as alive as the characters. You can hear every sound as if you actually there. Feel the caress of a breeze as it crosses your face. Colors are so vividly captured you’d swear Vincent van Gogh himself painted them.


Vincent van Gogh: Starry Night

There is nothing tiring about Skhye Moncrief, Feral Series. Each story is sensual and riveting. As well as unique and captivating its own right as are the characters within them. In other words each story has a beginning middle and an end.

There is depth and texture and sub-plots that lead back to the main plot. The main characters are well developed with secondary characters that add depth to each story which also add multiple points of view. This series touch a chord of subjects such as irony, prejudices, fears even religious conviction. And yes they are hot. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention they are smoking hot…xxxx hot!! Ok I think you got it.

The Feral Series by Skhye Moncrief is exotic, eccentric and enriching and will touch everyone in a different way. But most importantly each story in this series will capture your heart and not let go until the end.

About the Author

There has been a lot of talk about what genre Skhye Moncrief writes. Is it Mainstream Sci-Fi? Erotica? Ménage? Paranormal Romance? As a reviewer this is at time a real conundrum to answer, because authors cross into so many genres with their writing. And really it’s very frustrating when I have to put any author into any "one" category. It really seems so unfair. That’s why I like to actually categorize by sub-genres, because isn’t everything Mainstream something?

In Moncrief’s case I’d say she writes Mainstream Oh Mama with the sub-genre’s of erotically delicious. Yep, I think if I have to, that is the best way to sum it up.

So bottom line, does she write Ménage? Sci-fi? Paranormal Romances? Are they
sensual? Sexy? Are the any stories good?

Oh you betcha!!

With a vivid imagination Moncrief writings travel vast expanses, universes and galaxies. And just when you think there is nothing more to discover in these universes, another star suddenly begins to shine. And when you think you have figured out what Skhye Moncrief is all about, she whisks off once again to some distance place of discovery and adventure. Only this time the star that shines anew is Skhye Moncrief.

So as you hitch a ride and travel though space and time remember, all you had to do to enjoy this ride was turn the page. ;)


Originally Posted on Risque Reviews Website: November 21 2011
Reviewer: Barb

The Feral Series in Reading Order: Click on any of the pictures below to find out more about each of the books in this series!!

Book 1
Genre:Werewolf, Erotica
Format: Print/Ebook
Book 2
Genre: Futurisitic, Paranormal, Erotica
Format Print/Ebook

Book 3
Genre: Paranormal, Futuristic, Erotica
Format: Print/Ebook
Book 3.5
Genre: Parnormal, Futuristic, Erotica
Format: 2K Word Free Read


Book 4
Genre: Multiple Sex Partners
Format: Ebook


Skhye said...

Thanks, Barb! I appreciate the time you spent writing this awesome review. :)

Barbara Mazzuca said...

Some reviews come hard, this wasn't. =)