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Review: Holding On To Heaven by Keta Diablo

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Title: Holding On To Heaven
Author: Keta Diablo
Release Date: January 30, 2012
Genre: Erotic / Historical Romance
Pages: 235
Publisher: Keta Diablo
Format: Kindle
Posted: February 2012
Reviewer: Christina B.
Rating: 4.5
Heat Level: I


Death’s deceit rips twin sisters apart at birth forcing them to live separate and different lives. They both experience love and trauma-filled heartache, not knowing that the other exists. Fate brings them together again when one sister aids in the rescue of the other sister when one of them becomes a victim of the civil war and an attack from the Dakota Sioux.

Lauren loses family and friends to the attack of the Indians and struggles with her own battle for the love she possesses for her son’s father and the grateful dedication she feels for her son’s uncle that she married. A dedication and honor she owes her husband who married her saving her from the disgrace of society when her heart’s true love left her stranded and pregnant to fight in the battle of the Civil War.

Sage mourns the loss of the woman she loved that raised her and whom all her life she considered as her grandmother. A strong and giving woman that was exposed to small pox, when they both used their healing knowledge and ability to care for the home and village of Sage’s husband, as it was devoured and plagued by the disease.

The sisters discover a newfound strength in each other as they face the outcomes of each other’s heartache and despair together. Even though they both lost loved ones, they are able to hold on to their heaven with new love gained.


I usually find myself avoiding historical romance and instead plunging towards the realms of the paranormal where I can escape reality. However, this time I followed a friend’s suggestion along with my gut instinct and decided to give Keta Diablo a chance to “wow” my imagination. Oh boy! I am so thrilled that I expanded past the boundaries of my favorite genre and followed that instinct. I couldn’t put this book down while I was totally enthralled by the characters and the dilemmas they faced. I am completely amazed at how the author created the path to allow me to dip inside the mind and soul of each character, feeling their emotions while sympathizing with the love and sadness they experienced. Rarely do I find an immaculate story that teaches me a little of our history while filling me with the emotions that the characters experienced. Yes! I even cried while sipping on coffee and found myself desperate to read more.

Keta Diablo’s, Holding On To Heaven succeeded in painting the era of the time and allowing me to feel and see all the beauty as well as the dark shadows of our history. I am eagerly looking forward to the sequel and the chance to experience the exquisite happiness I hope all the characters will find.

I recommend this book to anyone who yearns to read a superb historical romance that gives the reader more than just love between two individuals but also the love for family, home, and the support from one another during devastating times.

Reviewed by Christina B.
Originally posted on Risqué Reviews Website February 2012

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