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Review Dark Night of the Moon by Keta Diablo

An on-the-edge-of-your-seat-bite-your-nails story...

Title: Dark Night of the Moon
Author: Keta Diablo
Release Date: January 19, 2012
Genre: Historial/Paranormal Romance
Pages: 396
Publisher: Keta Diablo
Format: Kindle
Posted: March 2012
Reviewer: Christina B.
Rating: 4
Heat Level: I


In this sequel to Holding On To Heaven, Creed struggles with the decision that Lauren makes of staying faithful to her presumed dead husband, even though her heart beats for Creed. He escapes to Arizona to escape her beauty and the strong love he feels for her.

Lauren mourns for her husband and the missing knowledge of his destiny as she feels the loss of her true desire and love. She focuses on her sister’s quest to return Sage’s deceased husband to his people where they can properly mourn his departure. Sage soon realizes the dangerous road they travel to free her husband’s spirit and how strong their love was when he remains ever the watchful eye of her journey through the eyes of his animal totem.

Destiny intertwines and weaves a sorrowful path for them to follow as they experience more loss and heartache. Will the strength of love push them forward to the end of their journey and to a fulfilling happiness and newfound love? Will Lauren find the answer to her husband’s fate?

Review:Keta Diablo has managed to wow me again with Dark Night of the Moon and the continued journey and struggle her characters Lauren, Creed, and Sage face with their strength and love. I couldn’t put the book down because of my eagerness’s to learn what happened to Brand and whether he would make his way back to Lauren. Deep inside, I hoped he would not find his way back to her so that Creed and Lauren could burst beyond their walls of stubbornness and succumb to their strong love and desire. Yet, I found myself brushing away tears as I experienced the sadness they felt when tragedy returned to dance upon their lives, creating even more sorrow and sadness. This was an on-the-edge-of-your-seat-bite-your-nails story. The only disappointment I have in this one of Keta Diablo’s sequels is that the ending for Sage and her deceased husband didn’t follow the path I had eagerly anticipated. 

I recommend this book to anyone with an interest in history, romance, and an open mind for Native-American mythology with a splash of paranormal.

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Reviewed by Christina B.

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