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Interview with Ménage Erotica author Bianca Sommmerland and Give@away

Bianca Sommerland

was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. When not reading neurotically or writing as though the fate of the world rests on her keyboard, she is either watching hockey or teaching her daughters the beauty of a classic, steel pony while reminiscing about her days in Auto Body Mechanics.

Her time is balanced with utmost care between normal family life, and the internal paranormal realm where her characters reside. For the most part, she succeeds.

From a very young age when she would bring her grandmother, in the hope for extra cookies for being quiet for awhile, barely legible pages filled with tales of evil unicorns, her work lean towards the dark side. Now she has agreed to let us get to know her and see what makes her tick.

I must warn you…If you are like me and like the titillating dangerous and descendant side of erotic then you’ve come to the right place. Have fun!!

Before we begin this interview Bianca just informed me she would like say thank you to those that stop by. She will be giving away a copy of Game Misconduct to one lucky person. So be sure to leave a comment with contact info for a chance to be that lucky person!! You only have a few days so don’t wait...

Let’s give Bianca Summerland a warm welcome for joining us. And I’d like thank her for sharing a copy of Game Misconduct to one of lucky reader!!

Let’s begin...

Q.  Let’s get right to the good stuff shall we? Your latest release Game Misconduct features a ménage theme and all of your books feature stellar love scenes. Do you ever fear you may be going too far with a particular love scene and if so, how do you rein the scene in?

Too far? You've lost me… ;)

In all seriousness, when it comes to sex, I don't believe in too far. However, there are things I don't find sexy when I'm reading, or, well, ever. Cum, for example. I don't play around with it a lot. There's cum in every sex scene, naturally, but I try to avoid getting it all over everyone. **snicker**

My characters have different kinks than I do which I always take into account when writing, and I rarely deny them anything. Sex scenes just happen the way they're meant to happen and I kind of standby with a pen and some paper and take down notes.

Q. Tell us about Game Misconduct. What inspired you to write this story?

My muse handles the inspiration side of things. He throws really odd ideas at me sometimes, but since this involved hockey, ménage, and BDSM—three of my favorite things—I immediately set everything else aside and let the characters take over. Sometimes, when they wouldn't speak to me, I'd watch old NHL games to immerse myself in their world again, so I guess, when it comes down to it, I was inspired by the game.



Game Misconduct

The game has always cast a shadow over Oriana Delgado's life. She should hate the game. But she doesn't. The passion and the energy of the sport is part of her. But so is the urge to drop the role of the Dartmouth Cobra owner's 'good daughter' and find a less...conventional one.

Playmaker, Max Perron, never expected a woman to accept him and his twisted desires. Oriana came close, but he wasn't surprised when she walked away. A girl like her needs normal. Which he can't give her. He's too much of a team player, and not just on the ice.

But then Oriana's father goes too far in trying to control her and she decides to use exposure as blackmail. Just the implication of her spending the night with the Cobra's finest should get her father to back off.

Turns out a team player is exactly what she needs.

Warning: This ebook contains material not suitable for readers under 18. In also contains scenes that some may find objectionable, including BDSM, ménage sex, bondage, anal sex, sex toys, double penetration, voyeurism, edge play, and hockey equipment being used inappropriately.

To read an excerpt from Game Misconduct, scroll to the end of the interview.

Q. Does it take the reader into the scope of not only the physical but also the psychological aspect of the Ménage life? Can you tell us a bit about that?

I write a lot of ménage and I always go beyond the physical, because to me, a ménage relationship isn't just a regular relationship with a spare—or two—it's several relationships intertwined. I like to show how you can love more than one person; love each one differently, without having to love any partner less.

Q. When you completed your novels do you breathe a sigh of relief, or do you feel sad the experience has ended?

A little of both, but it doesn't last because I tend to write series. Reaching the finish line feels good, but I imagine saying goodbye to characters once and for all would be horrible. I'll let you know after I finished the Deadly Captive trilogy.

Q. Why did you begin writing? And can you tell why you write the type of genres you do?

I've been writing for as long as I know. For the longest time I only wrote fantasies, but as I matured as an author I branched out. I enjoy creative freedom so if an idea comes to me, no matter what genres it's in, I'll write it.

Q. How difficult is it to separate the author from the person?

Honestly, I don't think I separate myself . . . I have enough voices in my head without adding another! Lol!

The only time I've ever had trouble being seen as an author is at book signings. People get excited about meeting you in person and I'm never sure how to react. I'm sure I'm not at all what they expect! <g>

Q. Would you say your stories are character or plot driven? Can you have one without the other?

Definitely character driven. IMO, you always need some kind of plot, but the characters won't develop as well if they're cages by it. I prefer to give my characters room to be themselves and react to whatever I throw at them in their own way. There's nothing better than being surprised by a character in your own story.

Q. How do you come up with the names for your leading characters?

Depends on the story. Sometimes names have special meaning, and sometimes I'm looking for names that would fit into a very ordinary situation. Most of the time I hunt online and in books until one just fits.

Q.  How do you keep the sex fresh? How do you keep it from feeling repetitive from story to story?

I let the characters deal with that. They're different people, so their sex will be different according to whom they are. One thing that helps is where the sex takes place. And positions. My heroes are pretty creative with stuff like that.

Q. How difficult is it for you to put your characters into situations that will hurt them?

It's very hard, but there's nothing I can do about it! **dramatic sob** My muse is a sadist!

Q. When do you think the magnetism should begin between the hero and the heroine?

Definitely before they start banging like bunnies ;)

Q.  Your book Deadly Captive explores the realm of BDSM. What do you think is more acceptable to readers, emotional domination or physical pain when writing BDSM?

In Deadly Captive, I think the head games make the pain seem a lot more acceptable. So I guess it would depend on the book and how the BDSM is being portrayed.

Q. Your writing seems to gradually become more and more “risqué” – what kinds of future naughtiness can your readers expect?

I like to keep my readers on their toes, so I don't want to spoil anything, but fans of Deadly Captive and Collateral Damage can expect Cyrus to push them even further than before. Game Misconduct is more mainstream, so it won't leave readers traumatized, but the sequel may leave readers wanting to find a big patch of ice to roll around on! 

Q. How do you decide on what qualities you give your hero? Your heroine?

They come to me pretty much fully formed, so I don't have to worry about giving them any. I just have to make sure to get to know them well enough to find likeable things about them. Joe, from Deadly Captive, for example, was hard to work with at first because he's so closed off and sometimes downright cruel. But once I got to know him a bit better I saw part of him that only those he lets beyond the walls he's put up to survive ever see. I slowly got to know a man a woman like Lydia could grow to love.

Q. Writers paint with words, but smell/scent also plays an important factor in books, why do you think that is?

The reader shouldn't be sitting in their bodies at the other side of the page. They should be experiencing the story with the characters. The characters are using all their senses so it's only natural that the reader would be doing so as well.

Q. It’s been a long week of writing, editing and coming up with new ideas. Now the weekend is here and you can actually relax, how would you spend the next 24
hours? One restriction, it can’t have anything to be with writing, editing or
books whatsoever...GO!


Okay, since we're pretending that would actually happen, I'd like to play out my ideal day. Starting early in the morning with a hammer and some sheet metal. I was in auto body mechanics for awhile and I miss making replacement parts and taking out dents, so I would enjoy spending an entire day working on a beater under the hot sun, inhaling metal and oil as sweat trickles down my back and my muscles burn. After that I'd take a nice long shower and dress up in something nice—just to get away from my work uniform of baggy jogging pants and tank tops—throw on my hockey jersey and head downtown for a couple of beers before the game.

Let’s close our Interview with something amusing…

Q. If you could have one superhuman power, what would it be?

Can I be a jedi? <g> My superhuman power would be the force. That counts as one, right?

LOL yes it does Bianca!!! Oh yeah and ‘May the Force be with you’.

Thank you so much Bianca for taking the time to join us and letting us get to know you. I hope you had fun. I certainly enjoyed getting to know you.

To find out more about Bianca Sommerland you can go to her website or if you like Bianca loves to hear from her fans you can email her at

Excerpt: Game Misconduct

Blood rushed to his groin. He looked down at the woman in his arms, a woman he'd willingly have waited a lifetime for, and imagined sharing her with one of his closest friends. Or both. Or several.

He groaned as Oriana's hand glided over his stomach, then down to cover his stiff erection. Without his jeans to muffle the sensation, he would have come right then. Rein it in a little, Perron.

Ice, helmets, smelly gloves, ugly guys with no teeth—there, he'd regained control of his body. He traced a finger along Oriana's hip bone, dipped under the elastic of her panties, touched her silken folds.

Which weren't as moist as he'd expected.
"You not into this, babe?" He kept his tone neutral so she wouldn't think he was upset. Not that she'd been explicit, but he'd known she and Paul had problems with sex. 'Course, he'd blamed Paul—and still did—but maybe there was more to it.

"I'm into it, I just—" Her hips wiggled, and she tried to clamp her legs shut as he lightly tapped his fingertip on her clit. "I keep wondering what you're thinking about. Just me? Or me with the men?"

A half-truth, but he'd go along with it. "Honestly?"
She nodded.

"I was thinking about you and Mason, about how beautifully submissive you were." At that her breath hitched, and she grew nice and slick around his fingertips. He dipped two fingers inside her and smiled as her eyes glazed with pleasure. "And then with Callahan—" Her hot, tight pussy squeezed his fingers. "You seemed a little scared, but there was a dark passion in your eyes."

Her lips formed silent words before she whispered. "Max . . . ."
In this perfect setting, the two of them under the moonlight, with only sleepy plants watching, they could give each other some satisfaction. But how shallow would it be? He withdrew his fingers and caught her elbow with a hand when she swayed.

"No!" She held on to him, her eyes wide. "I want you!"

"Do you now?" He cupped her breasts and grazed his thumbs in slow circles around her nipples. His gentle ministrations had her bucking her hips and moaning out loud. "Tell me who you're thinking of, love. Just me, or more?"
* * * *

"More!" Oriana gasped as he rolled the jersey up to her throat and bent down to kiss the swell of her breasts."Oh!"

Without a moment's pause, he bared her breasts and began suckling the taut flesh of one, then the other. The sensation coiled around her clit, and her insides clamped down on nothingness, aching to be filled.

"Please." She pressed against him, her hips seeking his with aimless forward thrusts. "Max, please!"

"This will be enough, darlin'." His tongue traced the edges of her areola, coming closer and closer to her nipple. He let the moisture left behind cool while he brought his lips to hers and stole her breath with a fierce kiss. His palms covered her breasts, molding them gently, leaving her nipples untouched. "I never would have asked you to be with the men. I would have done everything in my power to be the man you needed, but you want them, don't you?"

"Mmm." She threw her head back as he lightly brushed his fingertips over her nipples, and every nerve in the tiny nubs greedily absorbed the sensation. Being neglected had made them hypersensitive. She almost wanted to pull away, it was almost too much, but his words had her ready to come apart. Visions of hot hands and mouths all over her made her knees lock and her core clench convulsively.

"Tell me. Tell me exactly what you want us to do to you." He caught her nipples between his fingers and thumbs, rolling them, tugging lightly before lowering his mouth to flick each with his tongue. "Don't come until you answer me, Oriana."

"Ah!" Her eyes teared as she fought the urge to surrender to the building climax. "Everything! Anything! Just . . . just . . . ."
His tongue fluttered over the tip of her nipple, faster and faster. He sucked the nipple, playing it carefully between his teeth, then resumed the fluttering. "Very good. You may come now, sugar."

At another flick, pleasure burst from her breasts and flared out from her cunt. She cried out as the sensations came together and ignited from everywhere at once. Her
knees gave out, and Max held her tight as she rode the violent orgasm until she was deliciously spent.

Supporting her with an arm around her waist, Max straightened her bra, then her jersey. Her skin tingled as the material touched her, and she whimpered, suddenly, desperately needy. She wanted to strip and beg him to take her again and again.
"Don't give me that look." He palmed her cheek and kissed her. "It's getting cold. We'll head back to my place and get you warmed up. See where your head's at."

"Where my head's at?" She blinked at him as he draped his jacket over her shoulder. "But you said—"

"A bit of mental stimulation, Oriana." He glanced down at her bare feet and shook his head, cursing under his breath. "Mason would kick my ass if he knew I had you out here like this."

He shook his head again and she groaned. No more talking. He obviously wanted her to make her decisions with a clear head.
But exactly what would clear-headed Oriana decide?
To tell the truth, she had no idea.

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I just love this book!! It is so great. :) Thanks Bianca for letting us get to know you just a little bit. :)

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