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“The Immortal Warrior” Washed up hero or just an old idea with a new twist?

As the first months of the spring draws closer everyone’s thinking of a fresh start, new beginnings, right? Well, I for one think sometimes the idea of "new" can be overrated and not everything it’s cracked up to be. Maybe a better approach is thinking of better ways to keep the old ideas fresh and exciting instead of simply dismissing them all together.

This brings me to my blog topic: "The Immortal Warrior". Washed up hero or just an old idea with a new twist?

Is the immortal warrior theme starting to get redundant? I mean, you have to admit there is a great deal of books out there containing a lot of immortal warriors. Truthfully, how many times can the world get saved by these dashingly daring men before someone begins to notice all that yummy testosterone?

Actually, that question got me thinking about how much I like pizza... [Now hold on I’m actually going somewhere with this]. Even though where I live wouldn’t be considered a big town there are dozens of pizza places. There’s nothing new about pizza. So what is it about a flat round piece of bread dough topped with cheese and tomato sauce that makes it so special? The answer is because pizza is good, that’s why! Add to the fact there is no limit or rule as to what goes on a pizza or how it’s prepared makes the possibilities endless. So even though each pizza place is serving essentially the same thing each brings its own new way in which it’s prepared, and no matter what, you can always find a pizza for everyone. What’s key to this equation isn’t how many ways you can change it, but whether or not you want to. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say "well that’s certainly a redundant choice of taste in pizza’s you have". So who cares if you happen to like your pizza the old fashioned way or topped with pineapples? It’s still a pizza. Hence an old idea with a new twist and in the end it’s what YOU like that really count.

How ya doing, still with me?

You might ask what determines ‘good’. You’ve all seen the new reality cooking shows…. ["OMG, what’s with this chick and food"? I’m Italian, we relate everything to food] I think you already know that no matter how good the recipe or how fresh the ingredients, it’s the person making it that’s truly important as to whether the quality will be good or bad.

The same thing is true with the paranormal romance and those delicious immortal warriors. It’s not the form, but the author creating them that will determine how satisfying the outcome is. Each author is just like all those pizza places, each one adds their own certain flare to the recipe/story; some good some not so good. Sometimes you have to weed through a lot of different authors to find the one that’s right for you.

So how do you find the right author for you? Paranormal or not, at the heart of them all, they are first and foremost romances. Therefore the first question you have to ask is, "How hot do you want the romance to be"? Are you looking for a bit of slap and tickle or full out ride ‘em ‘til it hurts? That’s where reviews come in to play. Read them! A good reviewer will tell you if there is a lot of sex or just a nibble. Some may even have a warning as to just how far the author takes their characters. For me it’s not just how much sex is in the book, or how often, but how effective it is in regards to the story as well as the characters. Does it add to the story or just distract? Romances, whether paranormal, contemporary or historical all come in a vast array of levels when it comes to the sexual content. If you can’t find an answer from reading the reviews, try going to the publisher’s site. At the publisher’s site you can usually find a heat level there if you aren’t sure. If the publisher’s site isn’t enough go to the authors website.

For me, I happen to like when there’s ardent sexual chemistry bouncing all over the place between the hero and heroine the more the chemistry the better. Notice I didn’t say a lot of sex scenes just that the chemistry is there so if and when a love scene happens, it’s explosive. Also, I like a lot of hair raising action that stirs the reader with exciting subplots that keeps the pages turning and the reader guessing.

For instance, the hero and heroine may be the main focus, but if the author forgets secondary plots and characters it makes for a very dull book. The next important factor is how well the author brings the story to life. Does the author capture the reader’s imagination as well as their senses? Do you see as well as feel the scene the author is describing. Can you smell the musk of the hero as he draws closer; feel the caress as their fingers accidently brush against each other? Are you anticipating that first kiss, the meeting of their lips, with bated breath? And last, but not least, there has to be a happy ending. There’s just too much unhappiness in the everyday world… I do not want it in my fantasy world. Fantasy being the key word here.

Immortal warriors can be very enticing fantasies. Especially today in a world that is filled with so much uncertainty. Each time we turn the T.V on there is something else that brings us this sense of impending doom. It’s disheartening and now with all the different facets to stream information in real time, there is no escaping the mayhem.

That’s when I pick up one of my books, sit back, and for a few hundred pages I’m able to forget the chaos. I need a place where heroes win and where love is fervent and forever.

I think Robin Williams put it best when he said, "Reality, what a concept".

Hero’s are needed no matter what form they happen to be in. Just like the many movie heroes of yesteryear such as, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and Kirk Douglas, all of whom came to the rescue during times of trouble. Were they really saving the world? No, of course not, but for audience those few moments sweep them away and it felt good. Is that really so bad? That’s what romances are for me, my escape from the turmoil of today’s woes. To be honest, movies just can’t do better than my own imagination, even with all of today’s technology and special effects. Let’s face it, movies certainly can’t take the love scenes to the point in the same detail that authors and your imagination can. They would all be rated X or considered porn.

However these heroes are served; in whatever fashion the author decides to bring them to us. I think there is enough variation out there to satisfy everyone’s taste. So the next time you order that unique pizza, made just the way you like, that has your mouthwatering; don’t forget to also include that unique paperback with a hero that can sweep you off into the sunset.

Too mushy for all you "I’m all that and more ladies of the boardroom types?" Ladies, don’t forget it’s not a bad thing being a woman, and it wouldn’t hurt to put some satin and lace under that suit to remind you of that fact. Remember, part of the art of being a woman is knowing when not to be too much of a lady. Also, having a warm hard body next to you at night doesn’t mean surrender [um…that is unless of course that’s your thing…let’s say we just keep that subject for another blog shall we?]. Remember you may not "need" a man, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have one on your side who has your back.

For this reason [in case you still haven’t guessed] I can never get enough stories where the good guys always win and the splendors are endless. Of course it goes without mention the smokin’ hot sex scenes with dreamy lick-a-lious alpha studs steaming up the pages don’t hurt the fantasy either! [I guess it did need mentioning] *snort*

So with that said, what better way to end then with the video for "I Need a Hero" by Bonnie Tyler, enjoy!!

Holding Out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler

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