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Interview with Bonnie Blisss

Interview with Bonnie Bliss
Interviewed By Barb February 26 2012

Bonnie Bliss has been four years in the making. After years of discovering her ideal style and what works best for her, she decided that a career as an independently published writers was her best route. Being independent allows her to have control of her writing, release dates, and being able to not just write what she knows but what she ultimately wants.

Bonnie Bliss creates worlds of Paranormal Erotica, Contemporary BDSM Erotica, Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance that are sure to entice, arouse, and tease the senses. Let her help you live out your ultimate fantasies through the written word. So please feel free to go through her site and get some teasing excerpts, and look into already released books, as well as books soon to come.
Bonnie is not just a self published author. She believes very deeply about quality before her books go to the published stage and strives to give you her best efforts.
Thank you Bonnie for joining us here at Risqué Reviews, I am so excited to get started!!

Q.  Did you get a lot of support from family and friends while trying to attain those goals?

I would like to say yes. Although, no one in my family really understands writing, or the writing process for that matter, so for them, they just think you write a book and a best seller is made. They have no clue about rewrites, editing, going through and pulling whole scenes. So, they are supportive when I make sales, but they aren’t supportive of the process. Most people that aren’t author don’t really understand the full depth really. I get that, because my mother is an artist. I have no clue what it takes to do what she does.

Q.  How difficult is it to separate the author from the person?

It is not hard for me to separate Bonnie Bliss from who I really am. Bonnie is very free spirited, she says what she’s thinking. I have way more fun on Bonnie’s Facebook and Twitter than on my Real life Facebook page. Mommy, wife, and me mode is something I can drop back into very easily. I also have Disneyland annual passes to fall back on when I need to reconnect with me and not Bonnie Bliss.

Q. What do you think is more acceptable to readers, emotional domination or physical pain?

Oh, I do like this question, and I think I could get very wordy with it. I think when you mess with someone’s emotions it hits a reader very hard. But I am also speaking as the reader. I recently read a dub con book, and the emotional toll that this woman took, hit so many triggers. However, I see so many reviews on BDSM books, even books with just heavy spanking, where readers say things like “I didn’t sign on to read a book about abuse!” People have really, no clue if they aren’t educated or curious. I always know that if I dig into emotions with my characters, I’m going to get a bigger response. I can flog a character till she bleeds, but more readers are going to respond to her inner dialogue than the pain. Because the pain breeds the emotional response.

Q. I notice some of stories feature BDSM themes. Would you considered them more on the lines lighter side of D/s types where it is more about the physical or closer to hardcore BDSM where you also bring in the psychological aspect of the BDSM life?

I would first like to start off this bit with; my husband and I are in the BDSM lifestyle. So, the elements of our BDSM fiction are as true to life as we can get without getting to preachy. I am a firm believer that everyone has different levels of kink that are kinky; however, I also believe that there is a safe way to do that.

With the Dominance books, you will see a slow progression of them both getting into more heavy play. Marie is slowly discovering that she has masochist tendencies, darker fantasies, and Neil is noticing he is not adverse to that idea. The series started with a session in the new ‘playroom’, the second book is a longer session, with a break and then leads into wax play and some impact play with a crop.

Marie is slowly discovering that she needs pain, something that she never quite realized before. Neil is also discovering other needs she’s not yet aware of. You will see some cage play in the future. It is almost an evolution. Marie has a kidnapping kink that might be explored in a book. I personally don’t like humiliation, so it will never go to that point. However, Neil will be pushing her hard limits, because he sees what she needs deeper than she does. It sort of reflects what recently happened with us in real live. He started to notice I was leaning into whippings and spankings. Something I had no clue I was doing. We will show how Marie and Neil explore that in a safe and controlled setting before playing on their own.

I guess you could say that I play, writing wise in a little bit of all of it. We have intensions to write much darker non consent BDSM stories. With the new censorship going on with paypal I’m not sure how I will get those stories out to everyone, but for me they are brilliantly constructed storylines.

Q. Tell us a bit about your latest release When Lilly Met Bryn? Is it a Paranormal Romance or a Paranormal Erotica?

When Lilly Met Bryn was originally intended to be a paranormal erotica, but when I went back and read it, had it edited and critiqued I realized it was more romantic. There is a HEA at the end. Yes you have priority sex. But I hate that people would label it as ‘not a romance’ because of sexual content. It would be labeled as Paranormal erotica, the length and plot doesn’t give it a erotic romance title.

This is actually a short that is part of the series Lilly and her Pet Wolf. The series started out just to be a series of short stories. All erotica with Lilly having fun with her pack. I am unable to write a story without the aim for a HEA it would appear. After the first two books, I came up with a history, a background, so this book is the beginnings of this background. I will be adding some flash fiction stories to my newsletter. So please subscribe if you are interest, because our flash fiction on this series will only be featured in our newsletter monthly.

Q. Which leads me to my next question, you write in several genres, Paranormal Erotica,

Contemporary BDSM Erotica, Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. Can you tell us do you sometime combine genres in one story? Is so how do you keep the character/relationship central to the story while still combining genres?

Actually, we haven’t crossed genres as of yet. But we are working on a few series that will cross. We have some horror erotic BDSM, we have some paranormal BDSM erotic romances. You will begin to notice that I try to put in some bondage. But at times I like to mix it up. I think when you cross genres, it helps you connect better, and you have to pay such close attention to detail. Whenever you are properly writing any BDSM element, you can’t help but make is emotional. Everything about BDSM is soul deep, so it makes it easy to develop lasting relationships and evolving characters.

Q. When did you first feel that you were an author?

When I was eleven and all I wanted to do was write. It was all I did do. Poems, short stories, full novels. It was a passion and something I was very good at.

Q. Do you work with a critique/editing partner before submitting a book to your publisher?

I am my own publisher at this point. But yes, I have a critique/editing partner and she is my saving grace! I tend to write and just get it all out and not look back, bad habit, I know lol! I also have a few beta readers just to make sure it is all flowing.

Q. Do you feel that erotic fiction is getting the recognition it deserves in the publishing world?

Erotic fiction, yes, Erotica, no. I think erotic romance writers get loads of credit. So many people read it; it is on best seller lists. Erotica is too, but it gets stamped as just ‘smut’. When my characters are in love, and that love comes out even in an erotica short.

Q. Do you ever reach a point in writing a book where you have to step back because you feel it is getting too intense? Whether sexually or the complexity of the story itself?

Quite often, actually. I have a habit of getting very intense with all my characters. Cry even while writing. I think you have to, that emotional connection sometimes makes the story that much more powerful.

Q. How do you keep the character/relationship central to the story while still combining genres?

I think I answered this one already above. =)

That brings us to the close of the interview. What do you say we end with something fun, Ok?

Q. Biggest turnoff in the opposite sex? Come on don’t be shy. Details lots of details!!!

LOL! I like this question. Only because I think my answer is so strange to what most people would say. I can’t stand a man that would turn away from the offer of tying me up. Trust me, I have been there, so frustrated that I have been “Ok, you are going to have to tie me up and span me.” Nothing hits me like a ton of ice water like a man refusing to do that. I don’t have the issue anymore lol! Thank god! Dating was hard!

Thank you Bonnie, for letting us get to know a little bit about you, and sharing your time your time with all of us here at Risqué Reviews. I had a lot of fun and I hope you did too!

If you would like to find out more about Bonnie, because let’s face it one interview certainly doesn’t give us the time too truly learn everything, right? So stop by her website to learn more. Here is the link,

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Oh Bonnie I loved this interview! I can't wait to read some of your BDSM stuff it sounds great and I'm even more interested now that I know you truly understand the lifestyle. When Lilly meets Bryn was a very interesting read full of some very hot scenes I look forward to more of Lilly.